Friday, June 5, 2009

The Top 3 Easiest Jobs in Sports

Unless you're completely against getting paid to have fun, then you probably want to work in sports. I mean, it's hard not to like sports and everything associated with them...the athletes, the teams, the excitement, the stadiums, the partying, the boozing; its really the total package. So why not attempt to have a career in sports? That's what I'm trying to do. Now, most if not all jobs in sports entail working long and odd hours because the sport industry doesn't stop on the weekends, in fact that is where it actually thrives. But it's unfathomably more fun and interesting than your everyday 9-5 cubicle job. Side note: I have absolutely zero clue how people work in a mundane cubicle year after year and not end up hanging themselves eventually. Back to the sports jobs. Some are glamorous, some aren't. Some are high-paying, some pay hardly anything. Some completely wear you out, some don't. But at least with sports, you are likely to be in a work environment that is entertaining.

As I was thinking more about the topic, though, I realized that there are not only a lot of fun jobs, but there are some really easy jobs in sports too. And I don't want to debate about the management positions and sports media jobs becaue there are too many and it would take too long. But there are 3 jobs in my mind that are actually directly involved in the sport during games. What I'm going to do now is list these jobs off (not in any specific order)...

1) NFL Punter...Let's start off by conceding that there is some pressure involved with this gig. However, I would say the pressure isn't that of a kicker or even a long snapper. In reality, a punter is called upon maybe 2-3 times a game if they're on a good offensive team and maybe 5-8 times a game if they are on a bad offensive team, but they spend the majority of their time down on one knee with their helmet in their hands. To the viewer, a punt during a game looks tough. These guys kick the ball FAR and HIGH. However, that is all they practice. That's IT. While their teammates are off getting banged up and learning playbooks, all they're asked to do is punt the ball over and over on a practice field. If you've got the natural abilities to be a pro punter and that much free time to practice only one thing, then punting the ball in a game must be like riding a bike. VERDICT: Easy job, lots of money, minimal physical exertion. I'll give it an 8/10 on the easy scale.

2) MLB Bullpen Catcher...Okkayyyy, wow...what do I even have to say about this job? These men, many times former minor leaguers, have to strap on the catcher's gear, squat down, and catch balls from pitchers who need to warm up. I'm sure they might have a small coaching capacity, maybe they'll hand out a pointer or two to the pitchers, but other than that, they play catch for a living. They sit in the bullpen all season long and simply catch the ball...unreal. I'd love to do that, it would be incredible. VERDICT: Couldn't do it with your eyes closed, but close. If you can handle some heat hitting your glove, you're set. 9.5/10 on the easy scale.

3) MLB Bench Coach...I'm of course referring to the member of the baseball team staff that sits in the dugout every game. Well let's see here...despite the title, we know that he doesn't actually instruct the wooden bench to do things, he'd be deemed "special" if he was caught doing that. But really what decisions does he make? The manager makes all of the executive decisions and tweaks the lineup, the pitching coach gives the pitchers advice and makes bullpen decisions, the hitting coach works with the hitters and tells them how to make adjustments at the plate and finally the 1st and 3rd base coaches communicate with the runners and make some of the baserunning decisions. I've never been down in a professional dugout during a game, but I'm not sure what tasks are left after mentioning all of those. So as far as I'm concerned, the bench coach is there to smack some asses and drink some Gatorade. VERDICT: Considering the fact that I couldn't pinpoint exactly what they do, it has to be easy. 9.5/10 on the easy scale.

Honorable Mentions...NFL 3rd string QB (especially if you're behind Brett Favre or Peyton Manning), Language translator for a professional team (especially if you have a guy like Kosuke Fukudome, who puts talking very low on his priority list), MLB Bat Boy.

The Top 3 Easiest Jobs that I listed above not only seem like a breeze, but they pay very well because they are all considered official team members/staff. I'm sure that the lucky men in this nation who hold those positions are on top of the world. And can you blame them? They get to be directly involved in a professional sport on a daily basis with minimal expectations. So all you accountants, tax consultants, and technology analysts wedged in your cubicles...ask yourself this: Ya jealous?!?

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  1. Can I nominate Head Coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers?