Thursday, June 11, 2009

Could Ryan Leaf's Life Be Any Worse?

If you've ever thought that you're life completely sucked, then just google "Ryan Leaf" and read about it him. There is no doubt that after reading about his trials and tribulations, you'll be able to take solace in the fact that there is someone out there who is much more miserable than you are. A little background information on Mr. Leaf...He was the star quarterback of Washington State University's football team, and actually voted as a Heisman Trophy Finalist for his accolades during the 1997-98 season. Leaf was then chosen 2nd overall by the San Diego Chargers (who traded up to get him haha) in the 1998 draft, just one pick after soon-to-be NFL legend Peyton Manning. To some, Leaf was regarded as being a better pro prospect than Manning at the time...oh dear lord, if the Chargers only knew what was about to ensue.

It only took 3 preseason games for the Chargers to see what Ryan Leaf was really going to end up being...a huge bust! Leaf somehow won his first 2 preseason games, but the third game saw him complete 1-of-15 passes for 4 yards and fumble the ball 3 times. The regular season wasn't much different; Leaf was benched 9 games into his rookie season after racking up a stat line of 2 touchdown passes and 13 interceptions. After his benching, Leaf got suspended for engaging in a verbal altercation with his coach, he got suspended for playing flag football with his friends while he was supposed to be rehabilitating his injury, and he got into trouble because his coaches found out that he lied about his reason for skipping practice (he went to go play golf).
The guy did everything he could to look like a moron...and he passed with flying colors.

Okay, so being a highly touted NFL quarterback and completely embarrassing yourself and the organization is bad enough, right? Well, in all honesty, it was just the beginning for Leaf. He tried to make a comeback and had 3 short stints with the Cowboys, Bucs, and Seahawks...but they all failed miserably. At least the guy has a hot wife to go home to...think again. He married a hot San Diego Chargers cheerleader, but as fast as you can say "loser," they were divorced. Leaf then tried his luck at the coaching profession. A lot of times guys can have good coaching minds, but just can't put it all together in the pros. So Leaf said "Why Not? What do I have to lose?" Apparently just a tad more. Leaf scored an assistant quarterbacks coaching job at the "prestigious" West Texas A & M University. Didn't even know it existed until I heard he was there.

Leaf finally seemed to be coming to terms with his short NFL career that caused him to be labeled as "the biggest bust in NFL draft history." He was working with a quarterback at West Texas A&M, Keith Null, who was just a 6th round draft choice in the NFL. He was hired as the school's golf coach in 2007. But then came controversy. In late 2008, Leaf was put on indefinite leave from the school after asking one of his players for painkilllers. The incident started a chain reaction, and trouble would start to follow the former standout QB.

A few weeks ago, the problems started to mount for Leaf when he was indicted on burglary and controlled substance charges in Texas. He is connected to a Texas robbery that involved stealing high amounts of painkillers. To top it all off, Leaf, who was last seen in a drug rehab center in British Columbia, has failed to turn himself into authorities. Now, less than 10 years after being released by the Chargers, RYAN LEAF HAS A WARRANT FOR HIS ARREST AND REMAINS AT LARGE. It's one thing if he decides to face the facts and serve some time, but this dude is now in the category of "running from the police."

I'm not about kicking people when they're down, but his story is so miserable that I thought writing a chronicle about it would be interesting. And if you haven't kept up with this "unfortunate" man, then perhaps this entry has provided you with some top-notch entertainment. In all seriousness, though, this situation goes to show you that there is heavy pressure associated with professional athletics. As much as Leaf says that he came to terms with his short career, I'm sure it was just eating away at him. Hence, some serious problems started to arise in his life.

So here's to Ryan Leaf getting out of jail eventually and winning the lottery! We know for damn sure that he is due for something along those lines.

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