Saturday, June 13, 2009

Forget the Vikings, Please Stay on the Mississippi Homestead

A broken elbow. A broken forearm. A torn rotator cuff. A broken wrist. Some shattered fingers. Give me something that will end Brett Favre's career. First of all, let me preface this post by saying that wishing injury upon somebody is not usually my kind of thing, but in Brett Favre's case, it is the only thing left for me to turn to. As a newly christened sports media professional (unpaid like most right out of college), my job is to pay attention to sports, have opinions on them, and be able to express those opinions with verbal and written grace. So naturally, I watch a lot of ESPN. I read a lot of sports magazines and newspaper sections. And I love tuning into sports radio shows.

Normally, I don't get annoyed by the stuff I read or hear or see because I think most of it is pretty interesting, but every once in awhile, a sports story comes along that never seems to die off. And anyone who has been paying any ounce of attention to sports news in the last 2 or 3 years knows that Brett Favre can be put into the category of being "over-covered" by the media. My favorite example came from ESPN recently. Rachel Nichols, may I say one of the most over-worked reporters in sports, was stationed at Brett Favre's ranch, homestead, farm, plantation, whatever that hick likes to call it. With nothing more to really say about the situation between Favre and the Minnesota Vikings, Nichols actually said "You know John...we did see someone cutting the grass on a riding mower and thought it was Brett, but it was later confirmed by one of our guys that it wasn't him."

Ok...wait a second. When you start reporting on whether or not a dude is mowing his lawn, then you know you're over-covering him. Sure...Brett Favre was endearing and easy to pull for when he was in a Packers uniform. He was your blue-collar, tough, everyday guy that just so happened to pull off miracles on the field. But that doesn't mean that people are going to care about these little things later on down the road.

It all started with Favre's indecision during the end of his tenure in Green Bay. Was he going to retire? Was he going to play one more year? It was fine. Let the man decide what he wants to do. But then came the whole Ted Thompson situation where he wasn't sure if Favre was their main guy any more and he wanted to see what Aaron Rodgers could do. So long-story-short, Favre retires. Optimists said "Hallelujah!" Realists said "I wonder how many days it'll take him to come back?" Brett went to the Jets, threw a ton of interceptions as expected, and then his teammates started to turn on him. One emotional press conference later, he was "retired" again. But then Brad Childress, the Minnesota Vikings coach, had to get involved. The Vikings, who don't exactly have the greatest set of QBs right now, think that Favre might be able to help them. Now the speculation lies on Favre's newly-repaired shoulder and whether it will be good-to-go before the Vikings want to start moving forward with who they already have on their roster. So now we wait...

I'll tell you what...that was literally the shortest synopsis that I could give regarding the Favre saga. I'm sure I left some pieces out, but I started to sweat with anger writing about it, so I cut it short. Back to the media beating a dead horse (well i wish it was a dead horse, but apparently with Favre his "retirement speculation" horse is always alive) by covering Favre way too much. The thing I really hate about it is that you get your hopes up about it being over. The media might say "well the Vikings have set a deadline for Favre, so this thing could be finally over by the end of the week." But it never is...deadline...schmeadline....forget it. Or Favre will concentrate on killing and eating squirrels on his homestead in Mississippi for a few weeks, so nobody hears from him. The media start to think that he is actually retired...but NO!

My friends, there is only one solution. Brett Favre needs to somehow suffer a career-ending injury to his throwing arm, shoulder, wrist, hand, or fingers. I'm not being a matter of fact, I'd love for it to be something that he can fully recover from quickly, but that it some way prevents him from being competitive in the NFL again. I want the man to live a normal life from here on out. I think every NFL fan is so tired of his BS that they too just want him to stay home and relax. He deserves it. He was an NFL of the better quarterbacks to come along in decades. The ironic thing, though, is that he is the only person that doesn't realize that he'd continue to tarnish his reputation by trying to play another season. Keeping the media on their toes about all this is not helping people's opinion of him either. I'm not blaming the media necessarily, because I know it's their job to keep up with any developments. It is simply that Favre seems to enjoy screwing with them to the point that they have new stuff to talk about on a regular basis.

Brett Favre may not realize it, but there is no doubt that ending his career is in the best interest of himself and EVERYONE else in this world. Now i'm not wishing serious pain on the man nor am I hoping something really bad happens to him, but whatever transpires, I hope Favre decides that he is not suitable for the NFL anymore (maybe coaching, perhaps that will help ease the transition). When that day comes, the sports media people aren't going to know what to do with themselves. They could write about anything! Glorious! Glorious! Wait...let's not get ahead of ourselves, Brett may have a surprise planned.

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